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Exterior Cladding Soft Washing Service

Exterior cladding is designed not only to enhance the appearance of building façades but to provide an extra layer of protection and insulation too. With this in mind, you can see why it is so important to avoid damaging it in any way when you have the exterior of your property cleaned.

Pressure washing is perfectly safe for exposed brickwork, but for cladding, it is not the right choice. If you would like to have your exterior cladding cleaned, we recommend taking advantage of our soft washing service for exterior cladding in Bromley, which is safe, convenient, highly effective and affordable too. Get in touch with us today and we will be delighted to prepare a firm quotation for your consideration.


We offer our Cladding Softwash and Cleaning Service throughout Bromley and the neighbouring areas. This includes: Orpington, Beckenham, Penge, Hayes, Chislehurst & more.

If you would like a quotation for our conservatory soft wash service, please feel free to call us on 020 8462 6050 during business hours or to email us at info@spotlesspressurecleaning.co.uk whenever you wish.

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How We Clean Exterior Cladding with Soft Washing

If you are not familiar with the process, you may be wondering how a low-pressure water source can clean the exterior of your home or commercial premises as effectively as a powerful jet washing machine. The key to the process is in the chemicals that are applied to the surface of your cladding before any water is used. These chemicals have been formulated to loosen stubborn dirt, carbon staining, moss, algae, mould and mildew from a wide range of surfaces, thereby making it possible to achieve the same results with a much lower water pressure. Once the chemicals have been given time to work their magic, we wash them off, leaving your exterior cladding absolutely spotless!

Is Soft Washing Safe?

Soft washing is far safer for exterior cladding than pressure washing as it does not involve any risk of damage. Not only is it perfectly safe, the residual action from the chemicals we use to remove moss and algae will prevent any new growth for some time afterwards. This means your exterior cladding will stay clean for far longer than would be the case if you were to have it pressure washed and risk damaging it. For more details or to make an appointment, call 020 8462 6050 or email us at info@spotlesspressurecleaning.co.uk.

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As well as our Exterior Cladding Cleaning Service, we also offer a range of other pressure washing and softwashing services in the Bromley area.

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