Pressure Washing & Soft Washing in Beckenham

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Cost-Effective Soft Washing & Pressure Washing in Beckenham

Soft washing and pressure washing provide all the cleaning versatility necessary to scour years of grime from exterior surfaces. That includes brick facades, paving stones, slate, cedar siding, concrete, stucco, vinyl and more.

At Spotless Cleaning, we offer comprehensive soft washing and pressure washing services for residential and commercial customers in Beckenham at affordable rates. If you are looking for a fast, cost-effective way to give your home or business exterior a lift, soft washing or pressure washing will do the trick.

We pressure wash decking, driveways, swimming pools, patios, roofs, brickwork, conservatories, commercial buildings, exterior cladding, car parks & more.

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Affordable, Effective Soft Washing & Pressure Washing in Beckenham

Pressure washing and soft washing can restore bland, dingy exteriors that appear to have seen better days to their former brilliant selves. Whether the driveway and walkways on your property are crying for attention, or the siding on your house is beginning to resemble a pre-restoration Saint Paul’s, our pressure and soft washing systems can chase away the years. But which method is right for your purposes?

When to Use Pressure Washing...

Pressure washing is extremely effective at removing accumulated dirt and grime. But it’s also an unabashedly aggressive means of doing so. Pressure washing should only be used on surfaces that can stand up to it. That means concrete, stone pathways, hardwood decks, fences and the like. Using highly pressurized water on more delicate surfaces is inviting trouble. Possibly expensive trouble.


When to Use Soft Washing

Contrary to popular belief soft washing is done with the same machinery that is used to do pressure washing. The only difference is that the pressure is dialled back, and a different tip is used. One that produces a wider, less concentrated stream. Soft washing is used for things like cedar shake siding, stucco, vinyl siding, and screens. To name just a few things.

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