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Expert Pressure Washing and Soft Washing in Keston

Keston is equal parts suburban and rural and for many people embodies all that is best about living in South London and Kent. It’s a town characterised by large properties that line leafy gravel lanes and it gives new definition to the term ‘laid back’. It’s hard to find a downside to living in such a place, although there is no denying that keeping the driveway and walkways clean is one of them.

When folks here want to remove years of built-up dirt, grease and grime from the hard surfaces on their property more and more of them are calling Spotless Cleaning for pressure washing & soft washing in Keston.

We pressure wash decking, driveways, swimming pools, patios, roofs, brickwork, conservatories, commercial buildings, exterior cladding, car parks & more.

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30+ Years Experience

We have 30+ years of pressure washing and soft washing experience in Keston.

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All of our services are completed to a professional level.

Effective Pressure Washing & Softwashing in Keston

While power washing is often described as something of a blunt instrument, it’s anything but when wielded by our highly-trained technicians. They are able to finesse these powerful machines in such a way as to clear even the most stubborn dirt and grime from your driveway and walkways without causing damage to paving stones or edging materials. When they turn the softwasher on to your home they’re able to achieve brilliant results quickly without the use of harsh cleansers that might seep into the groundwater. All in all our power washing and softwashing services are extremely effective, safe and as environmentally friendly as can be.

An Extraordinary Value

Dirty driveways and walkways can have a negative impact on your home’s market value. But after just a few hours of work, our powerwash technicians can undo years of damage. While it’s difficult to quantify exactly how much more your (now more beautiful) property will be worth, it’s more than fair to say that powerwashing and softwashing produce a handsome ROI. 


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If you’re ready to wrest your Keston home from the clutches of time, call Spotless Cleaning and make an appointment for power washing and softwashing. In short order, we will turn back the clock on your driveway, walkways, patio, backyard deck and any other outdoor surfaces that have suffered at the hands of the beautiful but harsh Keston environment. Call us today on 0208 8462 6050. You’ll be glad you did.

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