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Car Park Cleaning Service

Busy commercial car parks are subject to a great deal of wear and tear over time and often end up looking dirty and neglected. However, with a little care and attention from our soft washing team, your Bromley car park can be restored to its former glory.

Our team of soft washing experts have a great deal of experience cleaning commercial car parks and are fully trained to deal with all types of stains and organic growths. Whether the surface of your car park is covered with moss, algae, lichens, mildew or large oil stains, or a combination of all of these, we can remove all traces with our soft washing service.


We offer our Car Park Cleaning Service throughout Bromley and the neighbouring areas. This includes: Orpington, Beckenham, Penge, Hayes, Chislehurst & more.

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We have 30+ years of Car Park Cleaning experience.

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Why Soft Washing Your Car Park Is the Best Solution

For many years, pressure washing was the only recommended way to clean car parks. Nowadays, however, our company, and others, are pleased to be able to offer a better alternative: soft washing. Soft washing involves the application of special cleaning agents to the surface of your car park, before they are washed off with a very low-pressure water supply. The cleaning agents ensure that every speck of dirt, moss, algae, lichens and mildew can be removed with a low-pressure rinse, thereby avoiding the need to use a high-pressure jet wash. High-pressure washes can damage the surface of your car park over time, causing cracks and deformations that eventually necessitate expensive repairs. For this reason, soft washing is a much better option.

Soft Washing All Types of Outdoor Surfaces

Whether you have a resin deck, concrete, block paved or tarmac car park, we can soft wash it with chemicals that will remove all dirt and organic matter safely and effectively. First of all, we will inspect the surface in question, then we will work out the quantity and type of chemicals that need to be applied. Once applied, we leave them to act on the dirt, algae and other matter. Finally, we rinse the surface clean. As an added bonus, the chemicals will slow future organic growth, keeping your car park surface cleaner for longer. For more details and a quite call 020 8462 6050.

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Other Services

As well as our Car Park Cleaning Service, we also offer a range of other pressure washing and softwashing services in the Bromley area.

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