Pressure Washing & Soft Washing in Orpington

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Highly Effective Soft Washing & Pressure Washing in Orpington

If you're not happy with the current state of your driveway, patio, roof tiles or exterior brickwork, call and speak to us today. We offer soft washing and pressure washing services in Orpington and the surrounding area, at very competitive prices. In addition to driveways, patios, roofs and brickwork, we can also clean decking, swimming pools and swimming pool surrounds, conservatories, patios, exterior cladding and any other hard surfaces in outdoor areas.

We have a team of highly trained technicians, top-quality industrial cleaning equipment and we are committed to achieving truly amazing results on every job we undertake. But we don't want you to just take our word for it: we want to come and show you how good our services are, so call now and request your free, no-obligation quotation.

We pressure wash decking, driveways, swimming pools, patios, roofs, brickwork, conservatories, commercial buildings, exterior cladding, car parks & more.

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We have 30+ years of pressure washing and soft washing experience in Orpington.

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Soft Washing & Pressure Washing in Orpington: Which Service Is Right for Your Needs?

We use both soft washing and pressure washing equipment when cleaning outdoor surfaces because high-pressure water jets can easily damage some types of surfaces. As a rule, we always recommend soft washing for conservatories as the waterproof seals can be compromised if cleaning with a jet machine. We also strongly recommend soft washing for tiled roofs: cleaning such roofs with high-pressure water jets can cause damage to the tiles or even dislodge them, which could lead to more severe damage to the interior of your home over time. If you can’t decide which service to use, just call and tell us what surfaces you need us to clean and we’ll advise you which option will be best for you.

Soft Washing & Pressure Washing in Orpington for Commercial Properties

We have a great deal of experience in the field of commercial property cleaning so if you need us to clean any outdoor surfaces at your business premises in Orpington, please don’t hesitate to call and request a competitive quotation whenever convenient. We can arrange to perform the cleaning at a time that doesn’t disrupt your commercial activities and we will, of course, make sure the area we clean is absolutely spotless before we leave!


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