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Expert Solar Panel Cleaning in West Wickham

Your solar panels are in charge of bringing green solar energy to your home. Unfortunately, their placement on the roof makes them susceptible to accumulating dirt and grime, thus hindering their performance. In order to get the most out of your solar panels, it’s essential that you get them professionally cleaned.

That’s where Spotless Pressure Cleaning comes in. Our professional pressure cleaning services allow us to gently yet thoroughly clean your solar panels, ridding them of any dirt and debris. This includes moss and algae removal. So, you can go back to enjoying green living with your spotless solar panels.

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What is soft-pressure washing?

While traditional pressure washing can be deemed aggressive on hard surfaces, soft pressure washing provides a more delicate approach. This method applies the right amount of pressure without impacting the surface being cleaned. Our team utilises soft pressure for delicate surfaces like roof tiles and solar panels, ensuring a thorough removal of accumulated dirt without causing harm.

What’s more, we use state-of-the art equipment that meets industry standards. This allows us to clean your solar panels at the perfect pressure with appropriate cleaning products, leaving your solar panels as good as new.

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Why is it Important to Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned?

Situated on roofs, solar panels are susceptible to dirt, moss, and algae, which can have various detrimental effects.

  • Minimised Energy Production: Accumulated debris creates a barrier, reducing sunlight absorption by photovoltaic cells. Regular cleaning ensures optimal light absorption, maximising energy production.
  • Energy Efficiency: Grime on panels decreases efficiency, leading to lower electricity output. Cleaning removes obstructions and allows the panels to function at full capacity.
  • Decreased Lifespan: Dirt can accelerate wear and tear, compromising the panels’ lifespan. Regular cleaning contributes to longevity by preventing the buildup of contaminants and reducing the risk of corrosion and other issues.

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As well as our Roof Cleaning Service, we also offer a range of other pressure washing and soft washing services in the Bromley area.

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